Be honest: It’s okay to be a housewife!


When applying for your visa to visit the United States, please be honest about your profession.  If you don’t currently work, please also be honest about this.  For example, if you are a full-time housewife and mother, there is no need to invent an office job in order to qualify for a visa.  Just honestly explain your family’s financial situation and bring any documents you feel support your case.  Remember, if you misrepresent your position, it can have a negative impact on your visa application.


In addition, if you are a student, please be honest about your parents’ work.  There is no requirement that both your parents work.  For example, if your father’s income and assets are enough to support your studies in the United States, that is sufficient to demonstrate your ability to fund your education.  If your mother stays at home, please do not say that she is working. 


Remember: apply early, apply right!  Do not misrepresent your situation, and come to your interview prepared with all information and documents you may need to explain your situation.